Early Life and Information Edit

Young Alejandro, nicknamed "Ale" by his friends and family, was an average boy growing up in Oakheart City, he attended school and lived with his 2 brothers, his parents, and his two loyal dogs, Terra, and Draco.On his return from the bus stop on the day before the beginning of spring break, he was approached by a great dame, he was terrified and bolted as fast as could home with the feral beast on his tail.

Upon hitting his block he was bit on the leg, and screamed for help, as he felt his leg get bit into harder he screamed out in agony, only getting the attention of Terra. Terra dashed down the street shortly followed by Draco. As he attempted to re stabilize himself and help his faithful companions, he was forced to watch as they were attacked by the savage beast.

Hearing Terra scream out in pain triggered a spark in his head and he felt like he was given an energy drink. His head was clear and he couldn't feel the wound on his leg. He reached for the dog and was shocked to find out that he was burning it. He pulled away fast and the dog fled in terror. Upon getting his dogs to the treatment they needed, it was too late. They had been too far injured and they were gone. He ran away at age 10 in search of a power to bring back the dead.

Abilities and Powers Edit

  • Alejandro possesses the Molten ability. Giving him the ability to generate and manipulate this at will. Some say that the ability manifested itself as a combination of his two pet's names. Terra(Earth) and Draco(Dragon)
  • He's an excellent sword fighter and incredibly strong. He's able to wield the massive great-sword and swing it, at the young age of 13. It's been rumored that he can even make shock-waves by stabbing his weapon into the ground and conducting his energy.