Early Life and Information Edit

Bruno was a well-known street fighter before joining the Scarlet Vultures, gaining his ability, or even meeting Apotos. He won countless fights, using his bare wits and his impressive reflexes to outweigh armed and unarmed enemies every time.

Due to these natural abilities he had a reputation. Gangs after gangs tried to recruit him into their ranks and they only got turned down. Usually after this they attempted to pummel Bruno but he just kept taking more people down. Soon after this, Ingenium recognized him as a huge threat, due to his potential to learn one of the "Critical" skills.

The Promethean, Brooke and his squad were sent after Bruno and given the order to take him down. Due to Bruno's recklessness he was overwhelmed by Brooke's power and fell to the floor, unconscious. However, upon falling to the ground instead of being captured, he felt a weird sensation, like a cloak around his body. Upon opening his eyes he was shocked to see a young boy, no older than 16 looking down at him. His name was Apotos.

Abilities and Powers

  • Mythical Inferno

Bruno possesses the power of the Mythical Inferno an "amped" up version of Fire and the evolution of the Inferno. This ability allows him to produce fire from his willpower. Ever since Apotos helped him unlock his ability, Bruno has been incorporating it into his boxing style, leaving victims badly burned or knocked out with just one punch.

  • Boxing Skill

As said in his biography, he was a street fighter before using the ability, His amazing reflexes and agile heavy hits are a thing to watch out for.