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What Cryo Community Originally Was Edit

Cryo Community was originally a group made in Tokyo Ghoul Online called "Nikuya," a reference in game called the infamous old group "Nokia." This particular name meant butcher shop in Japanese. This group was allied with the Aogiri Tree and had the most members out of the other allied groups. After this game went downhill, "Nikuya" moved onto the game Shinobi Life, sticking with the same name they had in TGO. After deciding they should create their own game, the first name was "Memory Community," instead of the now more known name of "Cryo Community." (Check pictures for original Logos of Cryo)

Famous Contributors of Cryo Community Edit

hoOdin/Odin Memories - not only is he good at building and designing uniforms like Razuko, he is now a developer for Cryo Community.

NickPresents1/Qrow - another developer for Cryo Community, he is the co-leader of Cryo and is the one who helps the creator of Calamity the most.