General Info Edit

Kiro and Dexter are two juniors who attend Oak Heart High School. They study the powers manifesting in humans and have learned how to enhance, amplify, erase, and create them. They possess extremely powerful abilities of their own, with Kiro possessing "Nuclear", giving him the ability to manipulate atoms, and Dexter having the ability to manipulate machinery and technology.

Their amazing abilities have given them the nicknames "Technomancer" and "Fallout" respectively.These two boys are spied on by Ingenium and are said to be "the only chance to finding out where these powers came from, and understanding the secret behind them," by the Ingenium Forerunner, Akira.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Kiro's Nuclear ability is said to be one of the strongest abilities in the world, ranking up against Magic Hour and Jynx. Kiro is able to manipulate atoms and this ability has greatly increased his prowess in the science field. He's able to manipulate the atoms inside of someones body, giving him the ability to turn them into a vegetable at will. This does have a severe drawback however, the more he uses it the dumber he gets, this side effect lasts for an hour before fading away.
  • Dexter has the ability to manipulate machinery and technology. He is able to disarm weapons and control them at will. He's able to fire guns without touching them and jam them without effort. He's invented many weapons that you see today and without him, these powered up weapons wouldn't have been invented in the first place.